Beauty at Any Age – What is anti-aging anyway?

Women over 40Anti-aging is a term that implies slowing down, stopping, or reversing the aging process. Realistically, we cannot stop or reverse aging, but certainly we can reverse some of the effects of aging on our health and appearance by correcting habits, improving our diet and treating diseases.
You look and feel well when you are healthy and vigorous, so while we cannot stop time, healthy aging can slow the effects of time.

Anti-aging is a field that has been growing. We are all aware that the benefits of proper diet, exercise, rest and life style can improve our health. With the improvement of these areas in our lives, we all tend to feel better and often feel younger than our age.

Ask yourself: “How old do you feel?” – most likely 20 years younger than you are. Unfortunately, we often do not look 20 years younger than we are due to the aging and external factors. Here is where the practice of anti-aging can help us to equalize the look and feel discrepancies.

There is no question that good health makes you look well. Also, it is true that you are what you eat. While you can apply anti-aging active agents to your skin to improve your appearance by counteracting the aging of your skin, certain anti-aging foods and dietary supplements can also promote your general health and in turn improve your skin function and look – beauty from the inside out. RenuFem is providing you with guidance on natural beauty and health products, in topical and ingestible forms.

For clarity in organization, we will classify the anti-aging products that can promote your beauty and health into two main groups, whether it is topical or ingestible:

Cosmeceuticals: topical preparations for the skin that contain active ingredients that are medicinal and can affect the appearance and function of the skin tissue to provide positive anti-aging cosmetic effects.

Nutraceuticals: anti-aging food and dietary supplements that are good for your health, including your appearance.