Michael P.H. Lau, MD, FACS, FACOG
Michael P.H. Lau, MD, FACS, FACOG
Dr. Lau is a Gynecologic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Scientist, and Advanced Technology Innovator.

Meet Dr. Michael Lau

Dr. Michael Lau [Biography & Credentials] came into the study of medicine with a strong background and interest in science. He was pursuing advanced graduate studies in nuclear physics and chemistry before entering medical school, and his interest was, and still is, nuclear-astrophysics and laser physics. With that background, Dr. Lau was one of the first surgeons who started applying the use of laser in surgery over twenty years ago.

Since then Dr. Lau has applied the use of laser to different gynecologic and cosmetic surgical applications, especially in conjunction with minimally invasive surgery, and he has shared his expertise by teaching courses in laser surgery to other surgeons. By taking advantage of the new technologies available in optics, electronics, and mechanics, endoscopic surgery has been developed to enable surgeons to perform extensive surgeries in various parts of the body through small incisions – “key hole surgery” – thus resulting in a tremendous reduction in post-operative discomfort and disability with a much more rapid recovery.

Dr. Lau has been involved in the development of endoscopic surgery and its instrumentation and holds a patent for some of his inventions. He has served as an expert consultant for endoscopic instrumentation companies. More importantly, Dr. Lau has developed the necessary clinical judgment and skill to optimize the use of the various types of minimally invasive surgical technology to benefit his patients.

Why Cosmetic Surgery? One may ask the question as to why a gynecologist is doing cosmetic surgery? As a surgeon devoted specifically to the care of women, Dr. Lau understands the importance of the total health and well being of his patients. Over the years, many women have asked for his help in improving their self image. While general measures of diet, exercise, and self improvement techniques will work, there are situations where cosmetic surgical help is necessary.

After repeated requests from his patients to do cosmetic surgery for them, Dr. Lau developed a special interest in applying his experience and expertise in endoscopic and laser surgery to cosmetic applications. After receiving extensive cosmetic surgery training from internationally known experts, including a two year preceptorship with two experienced and highly regarded cosmetic and plastic surgeons, Dr. Lau has incorporated body cosmetic surgery into his gynecological surgery practice to provide a more complete service for the total well being of women.