The Treatment for and the Prevention of Aging, Damaged Skin

Of course, we cannot avoid aging, but we can certainly try to minimize the sun and environmental damages by avoiding those harmful causes. Beyond that, we can treat and prevent the skin aging and damage effect by systematically addressing the causes of these negative changes, in this case, by employing natural active ingredients. The treatment approach should be based on overcoming the underlying causes of the aging skin.

  • Natural products to correct or prevent the oxidative damage from the ROS- Reactive Oxygen Species:

From the previous discussion on the negative effect of oxidative damages to the skin and supporting tissues, it would be reasonable to treat and limit the production of the ROS. The class of natural products, classified as anti-oxidants, whether topically applied or ingested, would be examined for their effectiveness and safety.

  • Natural products to treat or prevent lines and wrinkles:

For the dynamic lines, an treatment would be Botox injections to stop the facial muscles from contracting and avoid the formation of those expression lines. For the static lines, the treatment and prevention lie with the improvement to the support, elasticity and hydration of the skin and the subcutaneous ( beneath the skin) tissue. Natural ingredients in this category aim at improving the supportive and contouring effect of collagen, elastin and hyaluronan.

  • Natural products to correct or prevent loss of volume or facial descent:

The objective would be to build and strengthen the supportive and elastic tissue elements such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronan with topical or ingestible natural products.

  • Natural products to treat and prevent skin color, texture irregularity and age spots:

Besides using anti-oxidant natural products, skincare products containing natural ingredients that can affect the pigment cells, and epithelium of the skin could even the skin color, tone and texture.

Many natural skincare products contain multiple natural ingredients that would address the different aspects of the skin aging problems. The formulation of these natural skincare product can be very complex, coupling with varying carriers that might or might not affect the effectiveness of those natural ingredients. Renufem will guide you through the complexity of natural ingredients in the natural skincare products or functional food to help in selecting the most suitable beauty and health products for you. We will give you the scientific facts on some key natural ingredients, regarding function, effectiveness and safety, then showed you the natural products that heavily leverage the effect of those natural ingredients as key components. The presentation will be group under the three main headings, depending on whether they are topically applied or ingested and on their key functions: Cosmeceuticals, Nutraceuticals, and Nutricosmetics.