Natural Ingredients that Can Promote your Beauty and Health

Beauty Through NatureNature has always been providing us with healing power, waiting for us to discover and harvest such power to restore our health and beauty. Many of the medications that we are using today in advanced medical technology are based on natural materials. For example, the very powerful new cancer drug, Taxol (Paclitaxel), that is used for breast, ovarian, and lung cancer was isolated from the bark of the Pacific Yew tree. The commonly used heart medication Digitalis was isolated from the Foxglove plant. There are numerous scientific studies and publications confirming the effectiveness of these medications derived from plants existing in nature. These plants have always been with us, just that we did not know their great healing power until recently, or at least validate it scientifically.

Many of the ancient cultures, such as the Chinese, Egyptians, Indians, and the Greeks, have long been using natural ingredients to treat sicknesses and to promote health. They have been successful in doing so for millennia, preserving their society and culture. Many of these natural ingredients are being used today to promote health and beauty, and many have anti-aging effects. We are just now re-discovering many of their virtues and starting to validate the effectiveness and safety of these natural products. Of course, the effectiveness of some of the natural ingredients is more of a traditional myth than fact, and some of these naturals might not even be safe. Our objective at Renufem is to provide you with documented scientific facts regarding the natural ingredients to help guide you in the selection of products and programs to promote your health and beauty.

There is no question that good health makes you look well. Also, it is true that you are what you eat.

While you can apply active agents to your skin to improve your appearance, certain foods and dietary supplements can also promote health and actually improve your skin function and look – beauty from the inside out. Renufem is providing you with guidance on natural beauty and health products, in topical and ingestible forms.

For clarity in organization, we will classify the natural products that can promote your beauty and health into three groups:

Cosmeceuticals: topical preparations for the skin that contain active ingredients that are medicinal and can affect the appearance and function of the skin tissue to provide positive cosmetic effects.

Nutraceuticals: food and dietary supplements that are good for your health, including your appearance.

Nutricosmetics: food and dietary supplements that can improve your appearance – cosmetics that you ingest.