Look Young Without Surgery

Women over 40You don’t need surgery to help you look young. While we have not reached the stage to just turn off the aging genes to stay young, we can certainly use physics, chemistry and medicine to keep you looking youthful. By working at the cell and tissue level, we often can fix the problem of aging and damaged skin and supporting tissue using technologies that are more cost effective and definitely less invasive than surgery. Laser, radio-frequency, and ultrasound can all tighten tissue and stimulate collagen regeneration. Adding powerful biologic and chemical agents, both natural and synthetic, you can take years off your appearance in minutes. This is techno-beauty ― beauty through science.

Now some of these technologies have been transitioned out from medical clinics and spas to home use devices, providing convenience and privacy, as well as cost savings.

Of course, like any new space of innovation, it is difficult to tell what works and what is a gimmick. We can help you navigate through the many competing devices, creams, and serums so you can take advantage of the best science can offer to help you look your best and not waste time and money by trying everything yourself.

We will recommend products that we have tested though our clinical study programs, those endorsed by our patients based on clinical success, or selected ones that have documented scientific merits as shown in peer reviewed papers.